Primp and Pamper - Self Care Box

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Primp and Pamper - Self Care Box


Warmies Plush Eye Mask (Lavender)

Fully heatable Warmies Plush Eye Mask Heat them up quickly in the microwave time and time again without any concerning loss to heating capacity in the long run. That makes them a smart short- and long-term investment. Use cold by putting it in the freezer for at least one hour.

Lavender Candle

When life has you Momming so hard- transport yourself to Provence and experience walking the French
countryside alongside miles of lavender. Packaged in a beautiful, easy-to-open gift box, each candle contains a 10-piece matchbox. For every candle sold, Feya provides a meal for a child in need! Our give-back mission is printed on the box as well as on the back of each candle- letting your customers know that they are changing the world, one candle at a time.

Buds + Blooms Bath Salts

Urban Nirvana. Create a spa in the comfort of your own home. Decadent fragrances created in the finest fragrance houses of France and Italy.
Buds + Blooms: Fresh and floral with cedar, rose, ylang ylang, musk and amber.
Soak in a luxurious bath with Urbana Bath Salts infused with natural mineral salts from the caves of Sicily.

Daily Skin Mask Collagen

Our Collagen mask, infused with Collagen Peptides, promotes renewed beauty by supporting supreme skin health to:
  • Rejuvenate
  • Nourish
  • Firm

Heart Soap Gift Box - Tea Rose

This 200g heart-shaped soap is packaged in a beautifully designed box, perfect for gifting.

Via Mercato Soap Dish - Purple

Our unique, glass soap trays features beautiful, coordinating patterns to our Via Mercato illustrations. Perfect for gift giving. 

Via Mercato Soap Dish - Purple

Via Mercato Oversized Matches (Set of 50).
Resuable Keepsake Magnetic Closure Box